Saturday, April 28, 2012


Undercranked and blown away

I love this video for so many different reasons.  Depending on the day it could speak to me for one thing or another or another.  When I first saw it, thick into preparing for this week's Bible Study on the Eucharist, Michelle's/Quantum Theology's words spoke to me "These flowers aren't coaxed into blooming, but blown into being...'You sent forth your spirit, and they were created; no one can resist your word.'  Resistance is futile."

Today, as I listen to the scraping of sandpaper on drywall and hope for a dry enough day for painting, prepare to attend a bachelorette "thing" for my future sister-in-law, wait anxiously for my brother to call with news I already know, place - or take out - marbles from the jar as my son works towards a goal of his own, I'm reminded that our idea of time is not necessarily God's.  Nor is our idea of progress. 

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