Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yarn Along #1

I am currently working on the Twinkle, Vintage Baby Cardigan.  I'm making it in a cashmere blend.  I started it on very short sz 3 circs and changed to sz 4s with the increases.  I did this mostly because I don't have sz 3 circs that are long enough to accommodate the growing sweater.  But I'm finding it is helping to loosen up what has up to this point been painfully tight gauge.  The sweater will be for my 6 month old niece to wear to a wedding this June.  I have to admit that as pretty as the right side looks, I LOVE the way the wrong side looks with the widening strips of reverse stockinette, off set by the raised bumps of the stockinette stitches.  I'm tempted to make a second sweater but do it backwards!

As for my reading, I cheated.  I grabbed what I had on hand which is what I'm reading for a Bible study class I'm completing.  It is Swear to God, written by Scott Hahn.  My for fun book is buried on the nightstand right now.  It's The Hunger Games.  Yes.  I'm a fan of young adult fiction.  Guilty pleasure.

This is my first time participating in Ginny's/Small Things' Yarn Along! 

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