Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yarn Along #3: It is Complete

It is complete.

The other evening I finished the Twinkle, Vintage Baby Cardigan. 
I followed the traditional lace pattern as it was written for the body and the sleeves.  Instead of a ribbon, I knit an i-cord to thread through the eyelets and tie at the neck.  I really prefer it with the i-cord and i think it will tie and look nicer for longer than if I had used a ribbon.

In the meantime, I have begun another Prayer Shawl.  I'm using up wool that I have in my stash and have started with the Tree of Life pattern from Nicky Epstein's Knitting Over the Edge.  I had worked several inches of it last week, but ripped it out to start again with a different cast on.  I'm knitting up worst weight on size 11 and the basic cast on that my grandmother taught me wasn't working.  It was very loose.  So I looked up a video, practiced a bit and did a long tail cast on.  I love the way the edge will look and it is much tighter and finished looking.  I have started with a cream color and plan to knit right through this skein then do a strip of a deep scarlet red then finish it, with the majority of the shawl being in a beautiful caramel colored baby alpaca I've been holding onto.  The Tree of Life will only be on the edge, then I will switch to the traditional broken rib.  I usually don't like doing Prayer Shawls in the simple traditional pattern, but this needs to be masculine and I think this time the broken rib will do just fine.

I'm still strolling through Dracula, the Undead but have also picked up two nonfiction books since last week.  I'm reading Kimberly Hahn's Life Giving Love and Stephanie Pearl McPhee's At Knit's End.  I'm not a very fast reader anymore and bouncing from book to book might find me reposting about these same pieces for several weeks to come!

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