Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yarn Along....Same Song, Different Verse

After frogging the progress I had made on the neckline and yoke of the Twinkle, Vintage Baby Cardigan , I've now completed the body and one sleeve.

It has traveled everywhere with me.  After school pick up, soccer practice, dental appointments.  I'm not afraid to KIP (knit-in-public). 

Last night, I started the second sleeve.  Somewhere I either missed or the directions missed casting on additional stitches before placing the sleeves on marker when I began working the body.  My stitch count was off anyways with the sleeves.  That remains a mystery as well.  But I easily remedied that with some kfbs at the beginning and end of the very first knit row of the sleeves and a couple cast ons - this is after I joined for in the round.  I think they are well hidden in the armpit and will be completely hidden when I stitch the gap closed.

As for reading, after finishing The Hunger Games, I searched through my book stash for anything that's been waiting for more than a year - or 3- to be read. I settled on Girl with a Pearl Earring.  It is one of the many stacks of books I've purchased at our local library's annual used book sale that I haven't read yet.  It was quick...and good!  I finished it in under a week, then couldn't decide what I wanted to read next.  I'm not ready to pick up the second Hunger Games book.  Yesterday, I decided to start Dracula, the Undead written by Dacre Stolker.  I started it, hoping it will be good.  There was a bit in the first couple chapters that didn't impress me - seemed a bit gratuitous.  But I have high hopes for the rest!

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  1. What a lovely classy cardigan! I moved on to a long series of Star Wars books after Hunger Games haha, not for everyone. ;)