Monday, June 11, 2012

The First Day of Summer, but really the second

Technically, Friday was the first day our family was on summer vacation.

It was not a normal summer day though because Daddy stayed home from work to take the now 3rd grader golfing for his first day of vacation.  The now kindergartner and I did our grocery shopping.  Then the afternoon was spent doing various chores and family stuff.  None of us could even remember it was Friday and not Saturday.

So after a busy long weekend, today is our first day of summer vacation.  With the bigger one off to golf lessons with Grandpa, me and my little buddy finished mopping floors, took the dog for a walk, did some laundry, read piles of books, worked on some math lessons and weeded the flower beds.  Then, with both my boys home and Grandpa gone until tomorrow's golf lesson, we packed a picnic lunch and went to a nearby park.  Now, as I type, it is rest time.  A required half hour of rest for reading, resting, coloring, anything quiet.

The stickler in all of this is the broken foot that I'm still nursing.  Broken last fall, misdiagnosed until the end of March, in an aircast since Easter, it is still definitely broken.  Our morning walk with the dog was more like a limp for 2 blocks.  The dog and the boy were both running/biking circles around me the entire time.  The trip to the park, just 3 blocks away, was the boys on bikes and me in the car.  I drove with my hazards blinking, creeping along to keep an eye on them and stopping in the middle of intersections while they carefully walked their bikes across the street.  It was a good thing though, after lunch and all that playing, the littlest legs just couldn't pedal one more inch on the way home.  With one bike hanging out of the trunk, one boy yahoo-ing in the back seat, it was a "race" 5 mph and hazards still flashing.

I'm chalking the whole broken foot thing up to just one more way God is forcing me to slow down.  Slow down, take my time and also work just a little harder at those things I want.  It's easy to take the park 3 blocks away for granted, many a summer day as come and gone in the past and we've forgotten about it, but today we had to work just a little harder to figure out how to get there, how to get what we wanted because it was worth the getting.

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