Monday, June 11, 2012

Yarn Along #4: Something Sweet

It is rare that I get in a knitting funk.  In fact, I really don't recall the last time I was in such a funk that I didn't feel like picking up my needles.  But a funk there has been.  Days and nights went by and I just stared at it, dissatisfied, disgruntled,disinterested.  Actually, it scared me.  Not feeling the itch to knit, to create, to sift through my yarn, read the knitting magazines, search through Ravelry - it left me thinking something was wrong with me!

In fact, my head and heart were just so full of other stuff that I couldn't squeeze one more thing in.  The school year is over.  My brother is married and has gone and returned from his honeymoon with his beautiful bride.  The dust has mostly settled from other assorted dramatics.  Now, I find myself knitting again and counting the evenings in stitches and rounds, settling down and feeling much more comfortable in my own skin again.

Part of the problem was the prayer shawl I had started, restarted, started again, and again.  That's a lot of frogging.  I've actually shelved it entirely and I feel sad because I have nothing to give that person.  But I really have nothing to give that person.  The assorted dramatics were not the common family wedding, end of school year things, but some unpleasant and very exhausting ordeals.  It took so much out of me to just carry on, that there was nothing left in me for the shawl.  I hadn't before realized how different knitting a prayer shawl is from anything else I knit.  But it is different.  It is much more than k, p, yo, k2tog, ssk and co.  A very good friend cautioned me from giving too much when my cup was already empty.  In this case, my cup was already empty, I had nothing to give so the wisest thing to do was to put it aside and to rest.

Last week, I felt my mojo return, just a little, just enough.  I had a project, a simple, small, fun one, to complete.  A far off deadline.  Perfect candy colored yarn.  I cast on and in only a few days had a completed project and a great big sense of relief.  On Sunday, I cast on for a second and am nearly finished!
I made it up as I went, but may publish a pattern on Ravelry once I finish this second one.  If I do, I'll post a link in a future Yarn Along.

ps...still reading Dracula.  Will finish.  Will pass on.  But so far, it's really kind of eh.

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  1. Tender heart, take time for the 'restoring of your soul'.
    Nothing much sweeter than a cupcake. :)