Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flying and Jumping

Time flies when you are a. having fun and b. miserably stressed.

In June, we decided to start looking for a new house.  In the weeks since, we found a house, we had an offer rejected, we found a different house, had an offer accepted, installed new carpet, listed our house, sold our house, have had inspections all around and are in round 2 of negotiations x2. 

The answer is b.

Stress does terrible things.  It eats up time.  It devours energy.  It gnaws on nerves.  It certainly doesn't get anything fun done.  The summer is nearly over and I've put away the list of things we wanted to do.  We've done some. I've squeezed them in.  The kids don't really know better.  They've had fun.  They are having fun right now while I procrastinate just a little longer about starting dinner.  I'm listening to them play Wii.  Big Brother is deliberately letting Little Brother win, coaching him through the movements to ensure a first place finish.  Or at least second place.  Anything to get him on the podium at the end of MarioKart.  It's raining outside - or trying to - and they are as happy as clams.  So the list of things to do was really MY  list.  They liked the sounds of it, but have been just as happy with their soccer games, the occasional outing and a lot of doing nothing at all. 

The catalyst for the move wasn't a desire for a slightly bigger house.  That's a bonus.  Or a bigger yard.  That was a wish, not the reason.  We were looking to set the kids up in one of the best public schools in the area.  It has all the resources and benefits of a great school district and it's small.  One elementary school, feeding into one middle school, feeding into one high school.  The average Senior class is only slightly larger than either my husband's or my own graduating class from our small Catholic high schools.

Yes.  We're Catholic.  We are both 12 year (he's actually a 16 year) veterans of Catholic education.  Our kids have up to this point attended Catholic school.  We're jumping ship.  We have withdrawn them from their small Catholic school, putting them in jeans and sneakers and shipping them off to public school.  

It wasn't an easy decision.  It wasn't a quick decision.  But there was a straw.  It was broken.  And we're confident that this decision is what is best for children. 

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