Monday, January 21, 2013

Week Ends

In school, we're taught that Saturday ends the week and Sunday starts it.  In some ways, I feel this truth.  In attending Mass and receiving the Eucharist, I feel that I'm starting the week anew - with a little more grace and a little more everything to get me through the days to come.  However, as Sunday evening winds us all down, I feel that the previous week is coming to a proper close.  The week ahead is laid out in the form of to-do lists, appointments, bills to be paid, dinners to plan and the frantic running off to school, from school, to lessons, to class and eventually home again, to rest and wake and repeat.
A Monday off?  A holiday or snow day to "start" the week?  It throws a wrench in things.  I'm left feeling that either I'm a day behind for the rest of the week or an unnatural yearning for summer vacation in the middle of a January snow storm.  The kids underfoot hamper the normal progression of housework and laundry or I long for these slow mornings at the breakfast table to be our everyday routine.  It's the conflict between the two natures of my vocation: the Martha and the Mary. 
A Monday off?  Drives me nuts.

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