Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes...A Week in Review

Apparently it will take a bit for me to get back in the habit of blogging.  This will do for now....

Several blogs I enjoy do a 7 Quick Takes post on Fridays.  They link and catalog other people's posts.  I won't be linking or cataloging, or participating in those others.  But I like the idea of a Week in Review, for the purpose of keeping family and friends up to date, forcing myself to make time to actually write these things down and some weeks just to look back and remember that yes, that really happened this week.

1.   My boys are bright.  I am grateful to God for their many gifts and talents.  I am thankful that they enjoy school and learning, it isn't so much a chore for them and our biggest dilemma is sometimes making sure they are challenged appropriately. 

Joshua brought home a packet of 1st grade sight words lists.  We were to review the lists nightly, stopping when we reached a list where he missed 2 or more words and practicing that particular list for the evening.  Lists he did well on don't need to be repeated.  The first night he flew through the entire packet.  All 50 lists of 10 words each.  I had to stand there as he rattled off 500 words, huffing and rolling his eyes as he did so.  His teacher sent home the next packet - the first batch of 2nd grade sight words.  I wrote her a note so she knows to send home the next set of lists. 

Matthew is bringing home awesome grade after awesome grade.  He works hard for each one and is developing some great study habits.  He is seeing the benefits of Mom and Dad forcing him to study a little every night.  He only has to study a little every night, including the night before the test, and he's "passing with flying colors, Mom!" 

2.  The temperatures are supposed to plummet this weekend.  This means my foot is probably going to ache and I needed to bring out the down comforter.  Banshee was tickled pink at this, already trying to claim it as her own.  Again.

3.  Today, Matt and I are going to meet with a lawyer.  We are finally being grown up about stuff and writing a will, including guardianship for the kids should something terrible ever happen.  I will be perfectly happy when this is over and I can forget all about it. 

4.  I stutter and never know exactly the best and quickest response whenever asked if I stay-at-home during the day.  This is a loaded topic and deserves it's own brain dump.  But it's on my mind because I've been asked twice this week - in a positive context.  But not all contexts are positive when it comes to this question.

5.  I'm tired of pumpkin spice.  It's time to bring on the peppermint mocha.  ...I will admit that I miss living 5 minutes from the nearest Starbucks.

6.  Almost all the good Halloween candy is gone and we still have too much of it. 

7.  The boys have outgrown their school shoes.  Matthew will likely outgrow his clothes before the winter is over.  In length only.  Joshua is trying to outgrow all of his clothes faster than Matthew outgrows his, forcing me to buy him new clothes because I can't pass on to Josh what Matt is still wearing. 

And that's that.  7 quick takes and a cup of coffee.  

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