Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes....A Week in Review

1.  We survived the build up to Thanksgiving.

2.  We survived Thanksgiving.

3.  The kids don't appear to be scarred by the half naked woman on the billboard behind the parade that they watched for 3 hours yesterday.  But I do agree with the sentiments expressed in this blog...Momastery.  It didn't belong there.  It doesn't belong there.  And just because my kids didn't seem to notice it, doesn't mean then didn't notice it.  I know my sons.  They noticed it.

4.  We didn't shop on Thanksgiving.  Oops....actually we did.  Matt and I purchased a Christmas present online while we were drinking our morning coffee, discussing who was left on the list and debating what to gift them.  But we did not shop on Black Friday.  We don't.  We won't.

5.  The Christmas decking of the house has begun.  I still don't know where to put everything.  We still don't know how best to dress our double front doors.  But we do have a second Christmas tree to set up this year...a fancy one in the living room.  I didn't finish the embroidered tree skirt like i planned to, but I do have an odd white tablecloth that is shortly going to be sliced, diced and converted into a tree skirt.

6.  Matt had to work today.  This sucked.  He will also have to work over Christmas.  He only has Christmas Eve day and Christmas day off.  I am grateful that he has an excellent job.  I will be happy when the massive project that is sucking up these holidays slow down.

7. This is the breakfast of champions.  Note, lean sausages.  It honestly can't be any worst than a stack of pancakes or french toast.

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