Sunday, November 24, 2013


We are "homeschooling" the boys' Religious Education classes.  This isn't when I want to write about why or how that works for us.  I only want to share what the monkeys were up to today to celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King.

We had to start with their Unit 2 tests. These were quickly done and out of the way, leaving us time to talk about the readings and Gospel at Mass this morning and the activity they did in Children's Liturgy.  They created crowns.  Check!  I had planned to do that at home, and I'm not foolish enough to make them do it twice. 

Then the BIG project for the day.  We learned about the Liturgical Year.  The boys put together a poster representing the cycle of the Liturgical seasons.  Then we filled in the dates, starting with the upcoming season of Advent - the beginning of the church year!  We filled in some important feast days and holy days of obligation around the circle.  We talked about the main colors used in the seasons and did a little "quiz".  I also took the opportunity to talk to them about Advent, why it was once called "Little Lent" and what we can do during this time to recapture that time of preparation for the birth of Christ.

Our family has traditionally done a lot of great Advent things.  We have nightly readings from Matt's childhood Advent book and light our Advent wreath.  We have a beautiful Advent calendar sewn by one of the boys' Aunt.  Each night an embroidered animal or person is put in place.  By Christmas, it is a gorgeous Nativity scene.  This year we are going to abstain from meat during dinner on Monday nights.  We are also going to make time to go to Reconciliation next weekend.  Joshua is a little peeved, because he hasn't made his First Reconciliation yet.  But as we discussed at dinner, there are other sacrifices he can no more gimmies, no more additions to his list, no more mention of his list.

The hardest part of this season is being patient.  It seems so long to the kids and far too short to the grown ups.  It is only one piece of the liturgical cycle.  A small piece as the kids saw a little more clearly today.  But it is one of preparation, preparing for the birth of a King.

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