Friday, November 29, 2013

Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving....

Today was one of the days where I forwent any and all other activities to bake pies.  Baking is not one of my things.  Cooking, I like.  Baking, I tolerate.  But Thanksgiving finds us all alone and all on us.  So bake I must.

I snapped a photo as I was nearing the end of assembling all three desserts.

It doesn't truly capture the mess that I made.  On the left, the stove and its adjoining counter tops is cut out of the picture.  That area was also covered in various pans, bowls and food stuff.  It was a feat that took me most of the day - the preparing, the baking, the cleaning.  Two days, if you count the fact that I made and froze the pie dough yesterday.  We'll find out tomorrow if it was all worth it.  Joshua claims it was, having already stuck his finger in the pumpkin pie.

Pioneer Woman's Scrumptious Apple Pie

 This a blueberry crumble recipe from the boys' Redwall Cookbook.

From Scratch Pumpkin Pie
You really do need the pumpkins from the front porch to make this one authentic.  Josh has been waiting for me to do something with those pumpkins since the day after Halloween.

 The Pie Crust 

Being the Night Before Thanksgiving means our family made the trip downtown for the annual Festival of the Trees.  A boatload of beautiful trees, little girls dancing to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, futile raffle tickets and debates over baskets and a visit with Santa.  It's what we've done the night before Thanksgiving since Matthew was a baby.  The only thing missing was the large display of Nativity sets from around the world.  I was sorely disappointed that this exhibit wasn't included this year.

We capped the night off with dinner downtown.  This seems to be turning into a new tradition for us, grabbing a bite at a little well known - or not - place downtown.  Tonight we had a certificate for an Asian cuisine place.  Sharing a plate of sushi and eating noodles, fried rice and orange chicken family style at the end of a long and busy day was a good ending.

.....A dirty martini would be a perfect ending.....

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