Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Abbreviated Edition...Sort of

This week went too quickly.  I know it went too quickly because I have to vacuum and dust again.  It can't possibly be Friday that fast?!

1.  Happy St. Nicholas Day!  St. Nick traditionally brings the boys a new Christmas book and I make them pajamas.  St. Nick used to bring pajamas until the year he mistakenly waited until November to buy them and there were none to be found.  Anywhere.  Now, Mom makes the jammy pants and sometimes St. Nick contributes a shirt.  We've added a new tradition to our St. Nick's Day celebration.  The kids pick dinner.  I should have planned more carefully.  It messed up my grocery budget.

2.  My kids like sushi.  And Chinese food.  Any excuse to use the chopsticks...or stab things with a stick..or play with your food at the table.

3.  We still haven't finished decorating.  This means there are still boxes piled in the living room.  This means I feel like my brain is about to explode.  This means I still have work to do on that whole perfectionist/control freak/pride thing.

4.  I have a friend who makes 15 kinds of cookies for Christmas.  I would like to make 15 cookies. ... I had to buy cookie ingredients today.  Stupid grocery budget.

5.  I have to call a guy about trumpet lessons.  I hate using the phone.  If there is a social anxiety disorder specifically pertaining to the phone, I probably have it. 

6.  I thought it'd be a good idea to make my niece Christmas jammies this year.  Even a top!  This was not a good idea.  I was bemoaning the trials of setting in sleeves to Mimi.  She chuckled.  This made me feel better.  If she chuckles and shakes her head in that way while I describe wrestling with my machine, fabric and pins, then re-wrestling to try to conceal what a crap job I did, this means that sleeves really must be a pain in the bottom.  It's not just me.  Tomorrow, I plan to complain about buttonholes. 

An aside, I make a fabulous buttonhole on scrap fabric.  This bodice however isn't scrap fabric.  It's the real thing, painfully made and finished with sleeves, gathers, a neckline and everything.  It is also tiny.  This means that the sleeves, gathers, neckline and everything all get jammed up under that stupidly long buttonhole foot.  The fabric doesn't slide right on the little moving tread thing.  Then, instead of a buttonhole, I end up with 7 pounds of knotted thread on the back of where the buttonhole was supposed to be.  After 4 trys.  4 rip outs.  And one stabbing myself in the cuticle with my seam ripper - I cut those bad boys and sewed them by hand.  They aren't perfect - but you know I'm working on that whole perfectionist/control freak/pride thing.

7.  I found the Gummy Lifesaver books today.  I am officially and totally done Christmas shopping.  Now I have no excuse for not baking cookies. 

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