Saturday, December 7, 2013

It Wasn't Kosher, But...

 Last weekend, Matthew studied the Ten Plagues.  He made an origami pyramid and we glued images representing each of the plagues on the outside.  He learned that God was showing the Egyptians that He is the One, True God.

Tonight, we had a Seder/Passover Celebration.

Well, a mini one. We made up a Seder Plate.  We prepared some recipes my cousin shared with me.  We flipped through the pages of the Haggadah I borrowed from the library.  We talked about the preparations before, that kosher means things were specially prepared and blessed, and walked through the whole celebration.  We stopped to read the parts about the questions and the answers.  We read through the play.  We did certain things like dipping the greens in the salt water, washing our hands and drops of wine for each plague.  We talked about the symbolism of all these things.

The light bulbs went on as we read through the play.  It was everything Matthew has been working on in his text, learning about Salvation History.  Then, when we came to the end, at the 4th Cup it  seemed to click.  The eyes were wide and he was bouncing in his seat a little as he answered questions.  The Passover.  The Last Supper.  The Eucharist.  He's been taught all this before.  We've talked about it.  But sitting there with the cup in his hand, finishing our walk through this Haggadah, this book that Jewish people use for Passover, that it clicked.  The connection between Salvation History - all these people he's learning about, the pictures he cuts out and glues on his timeline, Church every Sunday, the Eucharist that he receives so solemnly and adores.

Matt teased me as I was trying to roast an egg and figure out what was what and which was which on the Seder plate and realized the matzoh I bought wasn't kosher, "You know, we're not Jewish."  No, we're not.  Our cultural, ethnic background is not Jewish.  We're just not Jewish.  Period.  But the oldest root of our faith?  They are Jewish.  The ancestor of our Christian faith, is Jewish.  This Seder meal is a part of our faith history.  And to fully understand the Eucharistic meal that we are blessed to receive and share, we must understand and appreciate the Passover. 

But I did rock the charoset.  Kosher or not.

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