Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yarn Along...Mittens in Hurricane

After knitting the boys' Christmas hats, I've begun work on the mittens.  Pop top mittens.  I'm working from a mitten pattern I have had for years.  I found it somewhere online, cut, paste and print it.  I don't even remember what site I found it on but I know it was before I was ever on Ravelry.  I knit up to as far as the kids want the fingerless hand to go, then finish with a rib and standard cast off.  Then, I pick up the row of stitches where I want to attach the pop top piece, cast on the additional stitches, join and knit in the round until it's long enough to finish.

I made a pair of these in this way a couple of years ago.  At the time, I picked up the stitches and knit the first row.  This time, I picked up the stitches and purled the first row.  I'm much happier with the look and think that the pop top part lays much better.  I also picked up that row of stitches just above the thumb gusset so that it would have enough of an overlap when the boys want a full mitten.

The reason I call these Mittens in Hurricane?  I made Matthew a Hurricane Hat.  (It's already packed in a box for Christmas.  I'm sure it will make an appearance hereabouts sometime soon.)  When I started the stockinette portion of the mitten, I counted half way into the body and started doing the same purled hurricane detail on the mitten body.  Just one stripe, not several.  But I think it's enough.

I have nearly finished the pair and then will begin work on Joshua's.  Hopefully next week, I'll have those finished and be on to finishing a certain little sweater that's been put on the back burner too many times to count.


I'm reading two different books.  I've been working on Scott Hahn's Signs of Life little by little for a couple of seasons now.  It is that sort book.  It needs to be digested.  I recently finished the Sisters Grimm series, so went fishing through the stack of second hand books I've purchased at the library's used book sales.  I pulled out a book called Resurrection Men by T.K. Welsh.  I have a thing for young adult fiction....I LOVE it.  This is a pretty good read, as evidenced by how quickly I've been reading it.  But it won't likely make the cut and remain on the shelves when I'm done.

And that is that.

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