Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Oops. It's Tuesday.

Well, hello there ol' Blog.  It's Tuesday.  Did ya' see how that one snuck up on us?  I'm having trouble even remembering last week and now I must try to document it.  At least 7 somethings from it. 

1.  Josh celebrated his half birthday.  He's 7 and a half.  He keeps trying to say he's 8 and a half.  Then I try not to cry or scream or yell about it.  He's 7 and a half.  Matthew is going to be 10.  I'm going to be 35.  Advanced Maternal Age, they call it, I think.  Matt's not turning 34 until April.  We are coming up on his 2 favorite months of the whole year.  The months where it appears that I'm 2 years older than him.  I robbed the cradle.  He bagged an older woman.  He's entertained by this.  I find it less humorous the older we get.  Especially as Josh wryly observed that seeing as I'm older than Daddy, I'll die first.  Then all 3 of them can get motorcycles.

2.  The boys had an overnight at Grandma's and Grandpa's this weekend.  It was a long one because we babysat Faith and didn't pick them up until late on Sunday.  Any extended period of time with their grandparents requires a day or two of adjustment.  For some reason, Josh is super sensitive to being told what to do and requires some extra attention and loving on.  He's also regularly upset by something he watched on TV.  Last time it was gangrene and his toes falling off because they were cold.  This time, it's getting injured in gym class and his spleen rupturing.  Then there's Matthew.  Yesterday it was a lot of eye rolling, huffing and snapping at his brother.  Nobody could tell him anything.  He was right.  Everyone was wrong.  At one point, I made him talk through his logic and then he came to the part where he realized, dang, he was the one that was wrong.  He completely lost it.  He was mad at me.  His brother.  The dog.  The couch.

We call it re-entry.

3.  Speaking of their overnight, it isn't very often we get a break like that.  Date nights don't exist for us.  At least not by our design or according to our plans.  We're at the mercy of whenever anyone else is available to watch the kids.  We've only hired a sitter a couple times and for only those times when we both HAD to be somewhere, like Parent Night at school.  We've never hired a sitter just so we could have a date.  We're frugal.

Being an experience we get so seldom, we consequently never know what to do.  Most often we spend the day trying to catch up on errands or chores or projects, then spend the evening doing much the same we do every evening.  Watching tv or a movie and/or falling asleep.  This time was no exception, but at least we came up with a plan that was a little more like a plan and a little more like a date.  After our day of errands, chores and projects, we tucked in early for take out and Lord of the Rings.  Matt has been wanting to rewatch the trilogy, but with our normal movie start time being closer to 10, LOTR isn't really an option.  By 7 we were in our beat up by comfy jammies, splitting a salad and sharing a calzone, and on our way to Middle Earth and The Fellowship of the Ring. 

4.  Matt built a beautiful light box for over our kitchen sink.  He designed and did it all himself and all this weekend.  I love it.

I'm nearly finished with a hat and 2 pairs of booties.

Josh decided that he needed to create Mii characters on his DS for Jesus and God.  No doves.  The Holy Spirit is out of luck until Nintendo adds animal characters.

5.  Older generations should feel sorry for us today, trying to raise our kids in this world.  Even our parents' generation didn't have to sit down with us and explain that it didn't matter what the state government or the President says, pot is NOT the same as alcohol and it is not ever permissible, allowable or okay under any recreational circumstances.  But we do.  To our regular litany of "No underage drinking, no pre-marital sex, no smoking, no drugs" we have to specifically add "and that includes pot/weed/marijuana."  I'll have to peruse Urban Dictionary to make sure I know all the AKAs of marijuana.

I'm not even going to try to broach our recent discussions and concerns about sex education as portrayed in the media.  Matt is pretty certain that we're all doomed.  A giant comet is going to streak through the sky, what isn't scorched in the inferno will be turned to pillar of salt.

6.  Last night, the Great White Huntress woke us up with loud, fierce barking.  Her alarm bark.  Regular intervals of "WOOF!" at 2:30 am.  I nearly hyperventilated.  Matt tiptoed as best he could down our creaky stares.  She was thrilled to see him, ears twisting in satellite mode, eyes bugging out, dancing circles around him, "BIG BUNNIES!"  She wanted out.  We had a herd of deer in the yard.  Why this night she noticed them, we're not sure.  We see the tracks regularly enough in the yard.  Matt and I moved from window to window watching them make their way through the yard, munching on our evergreen bushes.  After all that I ripped out of the yard last summer, they're probably wondering what the heck happened to their buffet.   No more Ol' Country Buffet here, girls.  This is fine dining.  A la carte.

7.  Today Banshee is tired. 

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