Monday, January 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Polar Vortex and Impending Furball of Doom

1.  We had a snow day last Tuesday and a 2 hour delay on Wednesday.  The boys were happy and so was I, until it came to re-entry to normalcy take 2.  That was a bit rough just as we were trying to get back into routine following the holidays.  I did successfully make french toast for everyone though.  And yes, Matt worked from home because I asked him to work from home.  I was concerned about the roads and the freezing temperatures, accidents, car breaking down, the whole bit.  I'm kind of fond of that guy.

2.  Josh spent the week moping about school.  His best friend has been out all week.  He's alternated between worrying about her because she's allergic to the cold (Seriously.  Hives.  From the cold.) and praying for her whole family because the reason she's been absent is that her Grandma passed away.  I hate to see him so down in the dumps.
Why, yes, my 7 year old son's best friend is a girl.  No mushy, lovey dovey stuff.  They're best buds, BFFs 4-ever.  And I'm just fine with that.  He's is father's son.  I expect he'll always have friends that are girls.  And when someday one of those friends starts giving him the winky, blinky eyes, he'll probably need a smack upside the head to notice it too.  Captain Oblivious, Junior.

3.  Matthew started trumpet lessons on Friday.  It appears to be as awesome as he hoped it would be.  The teacher seemed to believe me over the phone when I explained that Matthew has taken piano lessons since he was 4 and has a very good grasp of basic theory and seems to have a knack for this music thing.  After the lesson, he noted that I was not exaggerating or just bragging.  Why no, of course I wasn't.  I try very hard not to blow smoke when it comes to my kids.  The boy has talent there and I can't wait to see what he does with it!

4.  Banshee is starting to drop a little more fur than usual.  Groan.  I love that dog.  Sometimes though I want to shave her bald.  She goes through massive shedding cycles that leave me vacuuming the entire house daily - sometimes twice a day - emptying the Dyson after every other room.  This situation won't be helped by the fact that we're going to be doing her "grooming" ourselves.  Hence, the impending furball of doom.

5. I seem to consistently miss getting these Quick Take posts done on Fridays.  Fridays are my busiest of busy days.  It starts with groceries and goes immediately into housework, and I slide into the afternoon pick up and afterschool stuff then fall into Friday night.  That's life.

6.  We had a relatively quiet weekend.  I like those.  We're not all about spring training in winter, racking up extracurriculars or even running lots of errands during our weekends.  It happens sometimes.  But I "stay home" to get those chores and errands done for the family, we believe in moderation when it comes to the kids' and our own activities and obligations, and we're trying our darndest to resist that competitive mentality we see left, right and left in kids and parents.

I pulled out an old Harry Connick, Jr. cd the other day.  And this song, Nowhere with Love, which I had forgotten about, pretty much sums it up.  

In a way, I really don't know much at all
And if you say that I'm simple, you're on the ball
On the ball to say that I'm going nowhere
But I'm going nowhere with love
They all say that I'm not impressive at best
That's o.k., I've got nobody to impress
My impression is they'd rather be elsewhere
Oh, I'm staying nowhere with love
Well, it's better to be happy in a cardboard shack
Than to be alone in a castle
All you get for your money is a heart attack
I'd just as soon alleviate the hassle
Every day, I watch the go-getters go by
Even they say the ladder is much too high
Why should I go high, I'm happy below there
Right here in nowhere with love

7.  Matthew is gearing up for a growth spurt of epic proportions.  After his usual large breakfast, he still passed out in Church yesterday.  I hate that.  It is a terrifying experience and has me rubbing the anxious feeling in my chest and clenching and unclenching my hands for hours afterwards.  It also spurred me on to finally make both the breakfast cookies and homemade protein bars I had been planing to make.  2 snacks.  3 rollups.  Fruit.  Veggies.  Yogurt.  Chips.  Dessert.  And a note of warning to his teacher.  It's going to be a long day for Mama.

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