Sunday, January 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Report Cards and Oregon Trail

Another week come and gone.  Time flies when you're super busy.

1.  Last week is a bit of a blur.  Short weeks do that.  Especially busy ones with an added bonus of babysitting Faith for a morning.  We were all quite glad for Friday to arrive. 

2.  We've been playing a lot more Wii lately.  We got away from playing it as regularly as we used to, but more recently have been playing new and old games on the weekends.  All on my own, I pulled out my Oregon Trail game and in just a couple of sit-downs finished Chapter 2 of my story line -which means I completed my second trip to Oregon.  Matt watched from his seat at the computer.  He wondered aloud why he allows me to drive the newer car.  A team of oxen and a Honda Fit are not one in the same.  Besides, I'm not the one who backed into a light pole on Friday evening.

3.  Friday evening didn't go as planned but went as well as could be for an on the fly change of plans plan.  The boys and I came home from trumpet to unpack and jump into jammies.  Daddy walked in the door with a bucket of KFC.  There was dinner and Wii and a decent Friday night had by all.

4.  I am a working mom.  How now, you say?  I've always been a working mom.  I teach piano.  I've been teaching piano since I was 19 years old.  That's going on 16 years next fall.  I took 3 weeks off when Matthew was born and roughly a month off when Joshua was born.    I've taught with nursing babies in my lap, toddlers at my feet and under my students' feet, kids plugged in, not plugged in, eating dinner, playing with students' siblings, fighting, fussing, napping, listening, watching, giving away the answers.  I've worked.  Not everyone considers this work or at least valuable work that contributes significantly to our family.  But with the recent addition of the last 2 students I can possibly squeeze into my schedule, (bringing my total to 20 students, every Monday through Thursday starting after school and going until 7 or 7:30 every night) I now bring in as much money as I took to the bank when I was teaching full time at Villa.  I work. 

5.  The boys' report cards came home.  They did a great job.  We are proud of how hard they work and happy that they enjoy school.  We are excited to watch Matthew start studying the trumpet more seriously.  We are curious to see if Josh really does take off on the guitar - especially since we're going to try teaching him the basics ourselves.  After we teach ourselves.

6.  Banshee has a new game.  Daddy throws the cookie across the floor and she attacks it like it's a small invasive creature that she must torture and kill.  Then she buries it in her pillow.  Then she decides that is not a satisfactory hiding place, so she must eat it.

7.  I've been informed that 4th graders would not appreciate making and wearing Snoopy ear headbands for their Valentine's Day Party.  Lava Love Lamp experiments were approved by the resident 4th grader. 

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