Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yarn Along: Baby Uggs

2 years ago, I knit and gave my sister a plethora of baby hats, sweaters and booties.  She's requested a new pair of the Baby Uggs for The Little Pharoah.   Faith wore hers completely out.  I'm not one to ignore an actual request for something.  Second to actually wearing or using a handmade item, asking for another because the first is so worn out is the highest compliment I can receive.  Actually, maybe that's even bigger than wearing or using the item.

So I've cast on for the pair and plan to make a second as a little gift for a friend who's also expecting.

I'm still reading The Mating by Nicky Charles on my nook.  I'm not a slow reader.  I just don't make time for it as often I'd like.  There are people around here that like to eat and stuff.

Here's a snap of Big Matt's finished Bus Hat.  I like how it turned out and am especially glad that I doubled up the bottom part for extra warmth around his ears.

I've finished the swatch for his Shredder Pullover.  The yarn is Plymouth's Galway Worsted Paint.  I hit gauge with my first try and now only have to double check my math to make as sure as I can that I have enough yarn.  My goal of casting on for the actual sweater by the first of February shouldn't be a problem, unless I let myself get distracted by these baby booties.  :)

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  1. I love the hat. I might make that for my hubby. I like the yarn in the swatch. Can't wait to see the sweater.