Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yarn Along: Bus Hat

This is Big Matt's Christmas hat.

You'll note that it's after Christmas Day but still within the 12 Days of Christmas.  Barring catastrophe, I stand a good chance of finishing it before the Epiphany. 

The kids are working on a lapbook on the 12 Days of Christmas so that's what we're spending time reading and working on currently.

I'm reading a werewolf romance on the Nook.  It's embarrassing what books I sometimes find entertaining.  That being said, I've never been able to stomach a Nicholas Sparks or your common "beach read".  If I'm going to read a romance it has to have werewolves or vampires or be set in historical time.

A couple notes on the Bus Hat.  It looks different than the original pattern because I started, followed the pattern for several inches, purled a row, continued in pattern for the same length then folded it up and joined the working row to the cast on row.  That made a double think band that will give Matt some extra warmth on his ears.  I'm using Wool of the Andes in Fedora.  I have a lot of this yarn and colorway in my stash in hopes to make him a sweater.  I haven't made him a sweater and I expect that I didn't order enough of the yarn to really do so.  So, I'm using it up for other items and will make him a sweater with something different.  Eventually.

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