Monday, February 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes: February Means Sickness

1- February always seems to bring illness.  Last year, every week one of the boys was home for almost the whole week, sick with something or another.  Last week, we barely avoided the stomach flu and over half my students cancelled for sickness or weather.  The day after Matthew's big family birthday party, he woke sniffly and congested.  He's home from school sick today.  He's not the most cooperative sick person.  He's the one that identified the few things he could do to stay on top of school work.  It took him all morning to complete some assignments that should have taken half an hour.  This is not because he's that desperately ill or tired.  He just found dozens of other things he could do without actually doing anything.

2 - It's snowing.  Again.  It doesn't bother me half as much as it bothers other people.  I'd prefer snow to rain.  I dread that end of winter/early spring season when the dog is covered in mud, the kids are covered in mud, and everyone tracks mud into the house from 3 different directions. This situation might be somewhat improved if some of my students walked up the drive and used the walk instead of insisting on cutting through the year.  I had a hard time saying anything.  Cleaning up my floor is nothing to how they are destroying their shoes - and if their parents don't care...

3 - We'd rather be cold than hot in our family.  We won't complain about the cold.

4 - I'm going to be an Aunt again, very soon.  This is a source of endless joy, obviously.  I'm also darned excited to have Faith stay over.  We're going to paint our toenails and she can take a bath in my bubble tub.  We'll go to the library - maybe a story time if there's one scheduled.  I'll take her out to lunch.  Maybe we'll meet Uncle Matt for coffee at Starbucks if he goes into work.  She'll get to go pick up her cousins at school.  We're going to go shopping for a bear for her brother.  .... I am worried about the whole sleeping thing though.

5 - I get her little dog too.  This is tolerable.  He's cute.  He's lucky he's cute.

6 - I think I figured out the Shredder pattern.  It's coming along.  I'm on the raglan increase part and the biggest challenge is figuring out the ribbing as I add the increases.  I seem to get it well figured the second time around after each increase, which means any awkwardness looks to be hidden in the actual increase.  Anyone who picks up awkwardness in those single stitches in those increases is standing far too close to and looking way to hard at my husband. 

7 - Lots of pictures....

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