Monday, February 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Is February Really Half Over?!

1-  Matthew is 10.  I screwed up his birthday on the registration forms for Little League.  I'm in denial.

2- Both boys are all signed up for Little League.  The season starts April 21st.  They'll be done about the same time school lets out.  Apparently our area starts and ends early because it interferes with people's vacations...or vice versa.  Sitting on the sidelines and in the dugouts in April is not fun.  At least this year I have a good chunk of what we're calling the Baseball Blanket already knit.  It will keep me warm as I work on it during practices and games that I'm able to attend.  It's a log cabin style knit.  It started with all the remaining balls of Lion Brand's Homespun I had from completed projects.  I've picked up new skeins here and there on sale as my stash is depleted and I add more log cabin strips.  It's not perfect, as it gives me plenty of time to practice picking up stitches, but it's warm.

3- Josh's first guitar lesson is tonight.  He's excited but apprehensive.  I am too.  His teacher comes highly recommended...and to the house!  She was in the first class of seniors I ever taught nearly 13 years ago.  It was my first year teaching.  It wasn't a good year.  Being barely 4 years older than my students didn't help.  Neither did not having anything that resembled a respectable curriculum.

4- Valentine's Day was low key for us.  It always is.  We've never had a Valentine's date since the kids came along.  We seldom get dates, period.  So the four of us shared the box of chocolate covered strawberries Daddy brought home and savored the pie with the heart shaped crust Mommy made and watched the Olympics.

5- The boys are home from school today.  They spent over 2 hours outside building tunnels in the piles of snow along the driveway.  They had all manner of digging tools out there.  They were soaked through their snow gear.  They came in for a hot lunch and cocoa and were sent upstairs to shower and put on clean jammies.  It's a jammy/sweat pants day.

6- Banshee went for a walk yesterday.  It prompted the bath that I've been putting off.  She was clean and fluffy afterwards.  The bathroom and I were soaked.  After her blowdrying, she took off downstairs and tried to climb into Daddy's lap.  She's finally speaking to me again.

7- The boys went to Chautauqua with their grandparents yesterday afternoon.  They went for a sleigh ride and played on an ice castle, saw ice fishermen and brought home marshmallow guns.  Banshee likes marshmallows.  

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