Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Rapid Fire

1. Another reason to appreciate being a stay-at-home by day, Josh knows he can call me because he forgot his shoes.  He understands if I'm running errands in town or babysitting his cousin, he may be out of luck.  But when he knows I'm home, he knows I'll put down my just reheated cup of coffee and bring him his sneakers.

2.  Banshee is about ready for a bath.  I waste just enough time researching groomers that it to be too late to give her one.  Try again tomorrow...or tomorrow...or tomorrow...or this weekend when there's another pair of hands to help.

3.  To explain a recent frustration over a poorly written pattern to Matt, I said this, "It's like code that's f'ed up.  The person who wrote it somehow made it work in their environment.  But then you get it and when you test it in your environment, it won't work.  It just won't work because it's f'ed up."  I either understand his language enough to make sense or enough to be cute in my nonsense.

4.  My first born baby bear is turning 10 on Thursday.  I will have had to bake 3 times this week before it's all done.  I just finished a fresh batch of breakfast cookies for the boys' snacks.  I have to make him cake batter brownies for Thursday.  For Saturday, I will make giant cupcakes for his aunts who also celebrate this weekend.  I do not like baking a whole lot, so this is a big deal.  It also further illustrates the ironic humor that is the fancy gourmet baking cookbook I received for Christmas.  Beautiful.  Delicious sounding.  Probably a pretty coffee table book unless I get brave or crazy.

5.  That f'ed up pattern?  I was up until 1:30 am ripping out what I'd done so far.  Then looking for a different pattern I like just as well.  I found two contenders, but still don't like them half as much as the look of what the other one would be...or could be.  I will give myself one chance to try it again.  Actually, I'm going to try to rewrite the pattern, based on what I know about knitting raglan top down sweaters.  I just have to figure out the left leaning stitch thing to make the cable do what it's supposed to...this is my biggest challenge.  It will require mathematics, spatial relations, scrap paper, markers and chocolate.  So much for knitting quietly and watching another episode of Pride and Prejudice this afternoon. *insert sad face*

6.  I smell cookies baking...burning....nope, just baking.  Phew.

7.  I should probably insert more pictures into these things.  I need to figure out a more efficient way to do that.  In the meantime, here is a picture of Joshua.  A trip to Meadville to meet a friend for lunch was our big adventure that day.  He read the entire Flat Stanley book on the 30 minute trip down, then after a full belly of shrimp, mac n cheese and lemonade decided a nap was in order.

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