Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn Along: Shredder, Take 4 and Something or Two Simple

Shredder is finally really and truly in progress.  It has taken 4 times to get it moving along properly.  That's a lot of frustration, ripping, redoing, ripping and redoing.  The most I've had to restart a project has been 3 times.  4 was almost 1 too many more times than I can stand.  I've written out the pattern a couple times, drawn it and worked swatches.  It appears to be on the right track this time.

For Christmas, I made Joshua this hat.  For some reason, it came out way too big in every which way.  I tried felting it.  It helped, but not enough.  I could probably felt it more, but Josh likes it the way it is - he just needs a few years to grow into it.  I pulled some yarn from the stash - Lamb's Pride Worsted in Tormented Teal - and am making him a Hurricane Hat, per his request.  He's anxious for me to finish.  I'm enjoying having something so mindless to knit alongside the infamous Shredder.

While in the stash, I pulled out some bulky yarn called Kabir.  It is apparently discontinued and the link is the best I can do.  It was on a clearance rack in a LYS that was closing last summer.  It was $1 a ball.  One fell off the shelf on me as I was trying to decide if I should get it or not.  I bought all 6 that they had.  I told my husband I had to buy it.  I decided on a simple shawl after much hemming and hawing through Ravelry and my stacks of magazines.  The yarn is busy.  I think something with a simple shape will allow the yarn to just do its thing - anything fussier would get lost in the busy and bulk of the yarn. 

I'm nearing the end of Anne of Green Gables.  I'll likely go straight into the next in the series.  I am loving reading this again.  My perspective as an adult reading it is different than when I was just barely 12 or 13.  I appreciated Marilla Cuthbert before, but I see her in such a different light now.  I like her, whereas before I had trouble liking her.  I loved and still love Anne.

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