Sunday, March 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes: It's Still Too Cold

 1.  Our copy of Frozen arrived!  We were all very excited and made Friday a Frozen Movie Night after we finally got home from trumpet lessons and Matt from work, made and had dinner and settled down.

Faith is getting her very own copy, so this is one princess movie she won't have to borrow from Aunt Sasa.  She needs an Elsa dress.  So that is something Aunt Sasa can take care of - once I make a trip to the fabric store.

2.  Saturday morning, over coffee, I suggested we either work in the yard a little or if the weather wasn't going to cooperate, paint the boys' bathroom.

The weather was wet and cold.  The boys' bathroom is clean and fresh, no more sloppy frogs and mixmash of blue paints smeared across the ceiling.

It took all day.  It was kind of ridiculous.

3.  We have been resisting the temptation to go out to eat or order in when things get hairy.  Saturday would have been an easy night to give in and run over to Sabo's.  Instead, we whipped up the french bread pizzas I had planned.  Also putting together a big batch of chili for later this week....

 4.  And a batch of guacamole.  This is Josh's guacamole happy face.  He's pretty blissed out.  He loves guacamole in the worst way.  He even tried the separate batch I made for his Daddy - with chopped up chipotle peppers in adobe sauce.  It packed a bit too much punch for him.  But he tried it!

5.  Religious Ed this week was simplified for Matthew.  He's down and out with a cold.  They are both working on Lenten/Easter lessons and we get a lot of that in our nightly Lenten devotionals and all of our Triduum traditions.  Joshua enjoyed an extra special project that involved rocks and dirt and Daddy.  We're hoping the grass seed sprouts and fills in for Easter.  On Good Friday, he'll place a Lego Jesus in the tomb and He'll have risen for Easter Sunday.  Alleluia!

6.  Matt also finished up the last of our kitchen gallery last weekend.  I did everything I could to help.  However, hanging these involved measuring and leveling and all sorts of eyeballing and mathematics that just aren't my thing.   

7.  The week ahead could be a quiet one, or it could take a turn for crazy if we get calls for baseball practices.  There's no telling what it might bring.  Unfortunately, it looks to bring more cold and damp weather.  Which besides frustrating after what has been a bitterly cold winter, is making my foot hurt.  The commercials for arthritis treatments aren't exaggerating.  It hurts like a...well, hurts.

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