Monday, March 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Lent and Stuff

1.  We had a busy weekend.  In fact, it wasn't until this afternoon that I realized that the kids didn't do their normal weekend chores.  At all.  Saturday morning found us divvying

up and going in different directions.  The evening found us out on the town.  Sunday was normal.  But after Saturday, it probably should have had a couple extra chores stuck in it.

2.  Saturday morning Matt and Matthew headed off for his baseball tryouts.  He had to be way up at Family First at 8 am.  He received his phone call mid afternoon.  He's on the same team with the same coach as last year.  We are grateful.  He's a good coach with a good attitude about the game.  We witnessed enough of the alternatives last year that we were anxious about who would "draft" Matthew.  Soon enough the practices will start.  Our evenings will be turned upside down.  This year though, we'll be able to take a break from the twice weekly karate classes for the short baseball season.  Without being charged or messing around with any sort of long term contracts.  Grateful for that too.

3.  Josh and I went grocery shopping early Saturday morning.  I put it off from Friday because the boys were off school and both invited friends over.  I had a house full of boys on Friday all day.  It went well.  Nothing and nobody was broken.

4.  I started the preparation for the semi-annual Great Wardrobe shift.  This is less of a hassle with bigger closets and separate rooms for the kids.  No more boxes to shift with seasonal clothes.  Nearly nothing of Josh's fit from last year.  He's built like a tank and he's shot up, again.  Given that Matthew can still comfortable wear his size 10 shorts and they are all slim fit anyway, this meant that I had to go shopping for some wardrobe staples for Josh.  Size 10.  My boys are in the same size clothes.  Different cuts.  But the same size.  So much for hand me downs.

5.  I went shopping for Matt too while I was at it and had 3 different coupon codes.  We stopped buying him shirts a couple of years ago because that has been his Mom's favorite thing to buy him.  We actually asked her to take a break too.  Now we need to weed a few more worn items out and replenish the supply.  In the past month, he's had 3 long sleeve shirts just spontaneously rip up the sleeve.  I like shopping for him.  He likes shopping for me.  That's about the only way either of us get new clothes - when the other forces the issue.

6.  We're in Lent.  This is that awkward house decorating period where the entire world is decking out for spring and Easter and our spring and Easter stuff is in a box.  Only to come out about 2 days before the supermarkets and the rest of the world rip there's down.  Purple cloth on the front doors.  Our family altar cloth has been changed and decked out with some items for the kids.  The boys gathered branches for our Lent tree and we're doing out evening devotionals and placing a new piece every night.  Our current year of Religious Ed at home seems to have expanded their knowledge of some of the people and events we're reading about.  It all makes a little more sense.

7.  I've taken to trying to get the housework done and wrap things up by mid afternoon a couple days a week to take a break.  My evenings are my work.  My days are crammed with to-do lists.  The boys are up later now that they are older and then the remainder of the evenings are a mix of wrapping up the day and folding laundry.  But a couple times a week, I get a half hour or an hour that I force myself to sit down with my knitting and something on Netflix.  I finished the old BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  I'm now watching the old 1980s Jane Eyre mini-series.  It's better than soap operas and I skip the bon-bons.   

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