Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yarn Along: Almost

I am very close to finished with this shawl.  I know it because I'm decreasing to the end and can see it.  I also know it because I just started the last ball of yarn.  I had 6.  I worked 3 balls to the center and left 3 balls to the other tip.
The yarn is long discontinued and I searched high and low for a link to it for a previous Yarn Along.  The picture isn't doing the color justice.  It looks much less orange and coppery and much more pink.  I keep thinking that it looks like strawberry ice cream, with ribbons of chocolate running through it, because the mixed fibers has threads and nubs of dark colors.  On close inspection, the dark colors are everything from a nearly black brown to a very dark blue and sometimes green.  I LOVE it.
The pattern is Vienna.  It's so stinking easy, but shows of the nubby qualities and the colors of this yarn beautifully.  It has fairly flown off the needles.  I LOVE it.
With a snowy day before me, and a meager list of things I should get done, I just might have time to sit this afternoon and work on it.  Maybe even finish it!
Then I really must return to Matt's Shredder.  He began pestering about his "partial sweater" the other night.  As an improvement on the sweater he's been promised for years and never happened.


  1. It's tough to get true color in photos sometimes. It looks like it's going to be a real nice snuggly shawl.

  2. Your description of the color has my mouth watering. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.