Friday, May 30, 2014

"Are you ever gonna write on your blog again?"

That's what Matt asked me last night.

My answer was noncommittal.  A mumble.

I'm smart enough to figure out all the settings and charts that Blogger has now.  I'm reasonably sure, except when I share a link on Small Things' Yarn Along, Matt is my only reader.  It's hard to feel motivated to sit down and write about what the boys are up to and the family's doing or I'm working on, when the principle audience is elbow deep in the trenches alongside me.

I'm not even sure where to begin or where I left off.  But to pick up from the it goes:

1.  I spent the day at the car dealer today.  The Fit was due for a cleaning and the battery and starter needed to be checked.  Thankfully, it all checked out as good, because the Sebring is waiting for its air bleeder to arrive via Amazon.  Then, I get to play assistant mechanic to Matt as he replaces it.  Don't let on to the Sebring, I'm beginning to hate on it.  But we're a one car payment at a time family.  The Fit will be done in due time, but not as fast as it could be as we save aggressively for the roof.  No one told us that growing up would be like this.  This part is not fun.

2.  I was Auntie-napped from the dealer.  Faith and Moses picked me up and we went to lunch.  They brought their Mommy, because neither of them can reach the pedals and steer at the same time.  Moses puked on me.  Geyser style.  I haven't bothered to change.  These jeans were clean this morning.

3.  I've been bustin' out the lesson plans for next year's Religious Ed.  A year under our belt is helping me plan a little smarter.  Matt doesn't like or want a whole of extra hands-on, creative stuff.  Give it to him straight.  On the rocks.  Josh likes a little mixer, a twist, blended with an umbrella.  Give him something to build, legos, a shoe box, glue and scissors and googly eyes.

4.  Our current to do list is a lot of finishits.  Finish its.  Or Finish shits.  Whatever.   A little here, a little there.  We run out of time.  We have other stuff going on.  The weather is crap.  We can't find the pieces.  I get something as far as I can and need the heavy muscles to come dig it out, yank it up, till it round or chop it down.  We need a few extra hours in every day.  Preferably with day light.  When the kids are sleeping.  What the hell happened to nap time?

5.  Know what happens when a 7 year old tells his Mimi and Grandma he doesn't have many shorts that fit?  They go shopping.  And what's good for one is good for the other.  From the sound of it, the boys will have ample wardrobe this summer and into those first warm weeks of school.  This is good because I was going to make due with what they already have, seeing as I expect they'll need new everything when the weather turns again..  This ultimately would have been fine.  But apparently sometimes they like to have options...even if they insist on wearing the same things everyday.

6.  Matthew had a visit at the Middle School the other week.  We had a parent meeting.  Matt kept telling me to stop wringing my hands.  It's like mini-high school.  But I wasn't the one who actually searched on Amazon for thumbprint locker locks.  They do have them.  Matthew will not.

7.  Summer is nearly here.  3.5 days left of school.  I'm looking forward to having my boys back.  Their first full day off we'll go grocery shopping in the morning.  I expect it will either go well with eager helpers or I'll be gritting my teeth threatening to snatch Matthew's eyeballs out of his head if he rolls them at me one more time.  (Old people seem to find that particular interaction hil-ar-ious.) Josh will be trailing behind whining about cars or books or doughnuts or chocolate milk or his brother or Webkinz or hot dogs or Kool-Aid Bursts or....

There, Love.  I wrote on my blog again.  Now hurry up and get home, would ya?  And never mind that I smell a little like baby puke.