Friday, October 17, 2014

October already?

Summer was good.  For the most part.  It ended on a difficult note with a long bout of the stomach flu sweeping through the family that made us a little grateful to leave the summer months behind and embark on a new school year.

Middle school is awesome.

Second grade is boring.

Over the summer, I applied and interviewed for a position as a literacy aide at the elementary school.  I started work the first day of school and spend every morning until 12:30 working, or looking for work to do.  I enjoy it, when I'm busy.  I'm bored, when I'm not.

There's no way to recapture the months I let slip by.  You'll have to trust that they were full of awesome moments.  The day is full and promises to end with much left to do.  But as I read this morning, Blessed Mother Theresa is known to have said that God only expects us to do what He gives us the time (health and ability) to do.

With that, Josh is going to shut down this episode of Power Rangers and we're off to another day at school with plans to end it as a family watching the Toy Story Halloween movie.