Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Big Matt

Big Matt, not to be confused with Little Matt or Matthew, goes to work and does work things, then comes home and does Dad things.  He patiently plugs away at those household projects that he's so good at, that I have no idea how to do and I add to the list on the fridge.  He recently ripped out the third of four bedroom of carpet since moving into this house.  His biggest accomplishment recently has been installing pot lights in the family room.  Two sets.  They are dimmable.  They look like they've always been there.  They're pretty awesome.  Little Matthew helped.  I'm not sure with what exactly, but he helped.

I don't understand his job well enough to know what he's doing.  But I do know he's doing awesome. They recently opened up an office for some departments closer to our house.  He's there a couple days a week, which makes for a quick commute to and from work.  It's also next to the grocery store, which comes in handy when the boys go through a gallon of milk in a couple of days versus the week I had anticipated.

He has a trainer for his bike downstairs and is pedaling away while I work on laundry or do my pt stretches.  The trainer seems to be something that he and Little Matthew are sharing for the time being.  I don't know how complicated the on/off process is for the bikes, but so far no one has hinted at needing a second.  He's also resurrected some of his models.  A little bit here and a little bit there - kind of like my cross stitch.  Eventually the project has to be finished?

Most evenings he drives the kids to their things and helps the boys with their math homework, helps me wrestle them to bed (yes.  at nearly 11 and 8, we still have to wrestle them into bed) then we both fall into exhausted heaps on the couch.  I'll leave you to guess who falls asleep first.

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