Monday, February 2, 2015


February seems a better time to start a Resolution.  The holidays are over.  They have been packed up and put away.  Routines are re-established.  We're on as normal a schedule and routine as ever a family with kids can be on.

Last year, I resolved to knit Matt a sweater.  I started it by February and restarted it a few times before March.  It was finished in time for Christmas with time off over the summer and a few other knitting projects completed along the way.  I liked resolving to finish a project like that, rather than lose weight or change some habit.  It was much more tangible.  It also didn't reek of predestined failure or frustration.  I didn't start sweating until December when I was still plugging away at the sleeves.  But in the end, it was knit, washed and blocked by Christmas morning.

This year I have at least one project I plan to finish.  One I hope to start.  One I plan to at least work on.  However, I would also like to resolve to keep up with this blog a bit better than I have been.  Removing myself from Facebook was a great decision, but it has made it much more difficult for friends and family to keep tabs on us.  Or at least the boys.

So to play catch up....what I've been up to

I started my job as a literacy aide at the elementary school in August.  I do love the work.  It keeps me busy and it is nice to dress up a little and go somewhere with purpose everyday.  It has certainly been much busier since the initial month and a half of assessments.  It has been even busier since the mid-year assessments were completed.  About half my kids tested out of the Title 1 program, leaving me with some new kids to get to know and work with.  One of my teachers flipped things around a bit to focus on other skills because that group did so well with the work we had been doing.  There's been a lot of looking for activities, planning lessons, printing, copying, laminating and adding to my growing file of stuff.

I finished Matt's sweater.  It was a big task.  That man is tall and has what feels like unusually long arms when you are knitting with worst weight yarn on size 10 needs and it is nothing but ribbing for the entire length.  There were also princess costumes sewn, snowmen assembled and a couple new wreaths hot glued and painted.

Seeking happy reads lately, I've been slowly re-reading Little Women.  I also read My Sisters the Saints and am right now reading 33 Days to Morning Glory.

Christmas was wonderful all around.  One of the most special gifts I received was the handmade purse that Joshua gave me.  He sewed it all himself with only supervision and some direction from Dad.  The most appreciated gift has been the rice cooker.  Every time I pull it out the men cheer, "No more burnt rice!"  I'd take offense, but it's the truth.

Next time, Big Matt.

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