Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A mutual exchange.

I'm all for sharing.  I'll help others to a breaking point.  Usually mine.

But even I draw the line in the sand somewhere.

If you stick me in a corner, I'll just stay there.  If you leave me out, I'll stay out.  I'll do my own thing, make my own way and do it by myself.  I'll plant the wheat for myself.  I'll harvest the wheat for myself.  I'll bake the bread for myself.

Just don't ask me for a loaf of my bread for yourself.

I'll give you the recipe.  I'll bend that much with gritted teeth.

But I'm sure as hell not going to do the planting, the harvesting and baking for you.  Not after watching you share your bread with everyone but me.

The room wasn't empty.

I wasn't just sitting there.

Because I'm qualified.

I use my time effectively.

And yes, it's my fault.  I'm the only one still ovulating.

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