Sunday, May 3, 2015

Daffi-don'ts and "Mental Sick Days"

It appears that spring has finally arrived in Erie.

Whether it had or not, baseball season has started.  Josh played in his first game last week only minimally.  He had his cast off for a day and his hand was still mighty sore.  He missed his second game on Saturday because he'd been sick with a respiratory infection for 3 days.  It's been fun.  Matthew is experiencing something new this year.  His team has lost.  Last year, his team went undefeated for the entire season and play-offs.  This year will be a lesson in reality.

As a family, we've been tackling the spring yard work.  The boys have been fairly compensated, if and when they do a fair share of the work.  Last weekend we laid 8 yards of mulch and compost.  We finally have two small garden plots set up.  I should say the boys laid all that.  I spent the time finishing up the weeding to clear the flower beds and digging up more bushes.  I think I dug up at least half a dozen in the back corner.  I'm not sure what that brings our total up to since moving in - I lost count that first summer when we hit 13.  The yard was desperately overgrown and neglected.  It's vastly improved, but now needs time for things to grow, fill in or repair.  My spring flowers are coming up but I don't have a single flower.  No daffodils, tulips, hyacinth or bluebells.  I have a mess of greenery.  I'm hopeful that next weekend we will pick up our vegetables and herbs...and maybe a flower or two.  I also have plans for a bed around the front tree where I'm slowly removing a plot of pachysandra.  We even acquired the brick edging to build it from friends who yanked it out of their own yard but then didn't know what to do with it!  But that will have to be a weekend of work with Matt - or else it'll be worked on in fits and starts for a couple months and be an eye sore and source of huge frustration.

The school year is rapidly winding down.  23 school days left.  I've loved my job.  I love the work - it's just enough and it's the kind of work I enjoy.  The kids are great.  I love working with them and Mimi says I spoil them.  They got little Christmas gifts, candy from the prize box every week and I bought them each a book for the summer.  It hasn't been without its challenges though.  Going from work as a full classroom teacher to an aide, even with an 10 year break was challenging.  But not in the ways you'd expect.  That being said, after going through a few rough weeks at work, at home (a la the Easter Break break) and feeling drawn and stressed about some family stuff, I took a sick day.  A mental health day.  It was the final day of PSSAs.  I wasn't going to be working with any of my kids due to the testing and some Earth Day project.  It was the perfect day to just take the time to catch up at home, go without makeup or doing my hair and reset myself.  I did have to drive Josh in.  I'm out of practice and we arrived far too early, so sat in the office together until he could go to his classroom.  I wasn't recognized.  Apparently for me to pull of successful disguise I simply need to dress as myself.  A colleague who sits across the room from me everyday only recognized me after seeing Josh and giving me a good long stare.  At that point, Josh announced for everyone's benefits that I would not be at work because I was taking a "mental sick day."  Lovely.

The week ahead promises to be a mess.  There are haircuts, an orthdontist appointment, several baseball games, the art show, guitar, piano and trumpet.  Big Matt is working on  Habitat for Humanity build and I have both work and piano lessons.  Thankfully Josh seems to be over his cough and fever and no one else has come down with it.  Simba, who has been here since Thursday, will go home Monday.  Next weekend, there's a baby shower, more ball games, winding down our Religious Ed lessons and preparing for another wild week of games and the spring band concert.

 Look, Mom.  No cast!  Yes.  That's a light saber on the table. 

This was on the stairs.  It doesn't even phase me.

 I made this for Faith.  We're taking her with us to see Peter Pan at the Playhouse later this month.  We told her and the first thing she said, "You gonna make me a dress, Aunt Sasa?"

He's pathetic.  The dog is bad too.  He piddled on the floor 3 times the first night he was here.  
The dog, not Matthew.  Although he did have quite a reputation as an infant.  

I made this too.  Finally.  It's the same fabric as the valance I made over the kitchen bay window, 
but a simple pocket for a rod and no lining.  Just to dress the window top.

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