Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crash and Burn Drabant

Well, Josh did it again.  Wiped out on his bike completely on Tuesday.  I got a phone call and had to go pick him up.  Apparently he didn't start crying until he saw me pulling up.  No broken bones, thank you God.  He's just very scraped up and has quite a bit of road rash.  His bike seat is pretty banged up too.

That was Tuesday.  We were already playing it low key because I'm fighting a miserable summer cold.  After a couple nights of up and down, coughing all night, we skipped the trip to the theatre for the movie in the morning.  Instead we ran a couple Fairview-based errands and picked up some movies at Family Video.  I pulled out the muffin trays for lunch - which was a regular thing when they were little.  It was a nice day, low key and all.

Monday was busy.  The boys had their first golf outing.  Banshee had her annual appointment at the vet.  Later, Josh had a playoff game.  His team won and will be playing in the championship game tonight.  His team were so far ahead that the game was over early, but they continued playing just to play.  Josh had a turn to pitch and actually did really well!  He tried pitching once last year and threw some good strikes, but the distance was shorter and mound not really a mound.  He threw several strikes.  He wasn't throwing wildly at all and he had decent speed.  We just might have a pitcher on our hands.

Today, Matthew had a recall visit with the orthodontist.  He will definitely be getting braces in 2016.  The boys' orthodontist is so accommodating.  He's scheduling Matthew's next visit in October.  He'll run the necessary x-rays and write the recommendation for braces then, so that we can plan for the expense as we prepare for the insurance re-enrollment.  In the meantime, Matthew's homework is to wiggle those loose teeth.

After lunch with Mimi, Aunt Na-na, Faith and Moses, the boys will need some quiet time.  Josh is to rest up for his big championship game tonight.  It's a big deal at the big field with announcers.  I'm hoping that Josh will be announced as Crash and Burn Drabant.  He's the reason I always stock up on bandaids when they are on sale.

(We're still waiting to hear if Matt will be chosen for the all-star tournament team.  That will add a few more weeks to our baseball season.)

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