Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Light on pictures

I haven't been able to capture a picture every day, like I hoped.  My phone isn't always available, being used by one or more people to stream Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons.

Last week started out busy but ended on a quieter note, catching up on house and yard work.  Friday found us out the door first thing in the morning.  We weeded and trimmed and cut and dug.  Matthew mowed and bagged the lawn again.  After tending the flower beds in the back and the garden, I tackled the long neglected back corner.  I dug out 11 bags of weeds and sea grass.  I also discovered a bee hive in the pile of ground up tree trunk.  I was fortunate to only be stung once.

The weekend was a good one with the housework caught up and the lawn already mowed.  Matt and the boys finished their weekend chores and assessed the swing sets while I got the groceries.  We took advantage of Lowe's special discounts and stocked up on the odds and ends we needed to finish some things around the house and make repairs to the boys' swing sets.  They now have new swings, the trap door was repaired and Matt and his Dad straightened it back out from the last wind storm.  The entire fort was shifted over and twisted at the base!  There are still a few repairs that need to be made and all the modifications the boys have planned. Including: replacing the old slide, putting in a climbing rope, reattaching the monkey bars but connecting the two forts.  There's talk of a slack line underneath the monkey bars.  Someone wrote cannons on the list too, but Matt has assured me it was merely an idea not a promise.  We ended the day watching the original Jurassic Park with the boys.  Josh's eyes were wide as saucers and Hunny Bear held in a death grip for the entire movie.

Sunday was a quiet day.  The morning was rough with Matthew serving early Mass.  We rushed out the door and arrived on time.  But my stomach was not happy.  The lingering congestion from the cold I had last week did a number on me.  I felt better after some fresh air and breakfast after Mass, but I hate to be so distracted and miss any part of Mass.  Later at home, we found our newish neighbors in their backyard planting the apple trees they bought for Father's Day.  We were eager to talk gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes.  Our long term goals include expanding the vegetable gardens, raspberry bushes and fruit trees, a laundry line and composter.  I wanted chickens at some point, but am uncertain how the neighborhood HOA will feel.  One of their dwarf apple trees came from a local nursery that I had a gift card for tucked in a drawer.  As they planned to plant two of their trees along the back of their lot, we decided to use that gift card and get a tree of our own.  We have the starts of a little apple orchard along the back of our property lines!  Sunday afternoon we celebrated Father's Day with Grandma, Grandpa and Mimi.  We had lambchops and salads and strawberry shortcake.  All of the boys love lambchops.  Banshee was beside herself trying to beg a bite off of someone....anyone.

The boys ended up going home with Grandma and Grandpa for an overnight and a busy Monday of golf and movies.  They came home last night and today has been about re-entry.  That transition from Grandma's and Grandpa's can be turbulent, especially when sleep was a little less and little less sound than normal.  Now the boys have decided to take some money from their chore envelopes to go play mini-golf.  We'll see how many holes they can play without fighting.

Josh was cleaning his room this morning.  He found this.  He bought them for his Daddy for Valentine's Day.  Apparently Grandma isn't the only one who hides than loses gifts!

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