Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time Flies

I can't believe June is hours from being over.

The trip to Castle Golf was successful last week.  The boys played together so well.  They had a BOGO coupon and split the cost of the single admission.  They both only had to contribute $3.  I declined to play.  I watched from a distance, letting them be relatively independent.  Without my knowing, Matthew had brought extra cash and took his brother to Castle Ice Cream afterwards for a double scoop cone for each of them.  I like this commission thing Big Matt set up for them!  They used their own money for this outing.  Big Matt used that experience to help them set up little notebooks.  Now they are learning to record their purchases from the "spend" envelopes.

Wednesday was a blurry kind of day.  I keep forgetting what we did that day!  We were out the door bright and early to spend about half of it babysitting their cousins Faith and Moses.  It was a good day.  Although babysitting like that always leaves me feeling exhausted.  Moses and I took a nap in a lawnchair in the shade.  Yes.  I did leave that mess for their mother to deal with....Moses still wanted to play!  We did however pick up the mess that was in the room before we brought out those smart go track things.

The rest of the week took on a life of it's own as we prepared for Josh's friend birthday party on Saturday and took care of the boys' tournament schedules.  There are practices and scrimmages lined up over the next couple of weeks.  Josh's tournament is the same weekend that Matthew's tournament starts.  Josh will have another tournament in August too.  I baked cupcakes that took 3 days to complete.  It was boxed mix and jarred frosting, but I had to make the royal frosting for all of the pieces.  Saturday morning Big Matt did the decorative frosting and set the pieces, while I made 24 mini sandwiches and ants on the logs.  The fruit caterpillars were already done.  The Yogi Bear party was a big success at the Erie Movie House.  Matthew is already talking about wanting his party their next year.  Next year when he turns 12.  Mary, Mother of God, lend me your heart and keep me in your pure heart.  My baby is going to be 12....and I'm not ready.

Sunday was rainy, so we skipped our planned on Seawolves game.  Good thing.  It got cancelled.  The boys kind of cleaned the garage and I kind of got laundry and stuff done.

Monday was a wet day, although sunny.  Everything was soaked from the weekend's rain.  Their junior league was cancelled because there was standing water on the golf course.  I caught up on housework, the boys road their bikes around and played with their friends, Grandpa dropped off the Olds 442 we'll be babysitting for the month and I taught almost 4 hours of piano lessons.  I was feeling cross eyed by the end of the night.

Today, Tuesday, we headed up to the big theatre for the Summer Movie Clubhouse.  Faith came with us and seemed less than impressed with Penguins of Madagascar.  Frankly I was too.  The original Madagascar movies are far better.  Once she was full of popcorn she was ready to go.  Her mama kindly had an iced mocha for me when she picked up Faith.  It was delicious and a treat that I haven't had for a very long time.  It was also not decaf.  At the moment, I think I can feel my hair growing.  Caffeine is not typically my friend.  However, I've enough to do around here to keep me preoccupied and burn it off.  A stop at GameStop proved successful and a quick trip to get the boys' report card kidsbucks at Stages Consignment was worth it.  Easy come, easy go.  The kidsbucks plus what was in my account from consigning stuff is gone after I found two pairs of 12H jeans to put away for Josh.  Poor kid.  Regulars are just too snug to be comfortable, but huskies give him so much extra room they are downright baggy.  But at least he's comfortable.

Tonight will find us split up for the better part of the evening between a scrimmage and a practice.  I'll certainly have my knitting with me if not the Religious Ed lesson planning material.  I have a prayer shawl in progress for an old friend who needed it last week - but it's slow progress when you have to rip out your work and start over.  I also have to get the boys' material planned and gathered for their 2015/2016 Religious Ed programs.  I need that done before I return to work in the fall!

The boys are relaxing with MarioKart now, while laundry waits for me to fold and sort, bur first I must put away my GameStop card.  Not the member thing you have to pay for, just the rewards card.  You know your a mom of boys when....You have to have a rewards card for a GameStop...And you find athletic supporters laying around the house.

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