Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Last Day

I've been negligent.  But not entirely deliberately.  I have a pile of pictures in my email that I sent from my phone.  None of which I have been able to download properly to the desktop, so that I can then upload them to the blog.  I'll play catch up with photos when Matt has a chance to help me.

The months of July and August were full of golf and goofing around.  Some of the biggest things we did were a day trip to the Cleveland Zoo in July and a trip to Kennywood last Friday.  Both were a blast.  We haven't been to the Cleveland Zoo since Josh's first birthday.  We just never made it back.  This summer we wrote it down on the calendar.  We picked a day, Matt scheduled a vacation day at work and we went - with the sky threatening rain and ponchos in the backpack.  The rain held off and we had a wonderful day.  Last Friday was a much anticipated day trip to Pittsburgh.  We didn't make it to Waldameer at all this year, so were looking forward to a huge day of coasters and thrill rides at Kennywood. It didn't disappoint.  In fact, I think it'll be a little hard to go back to Waldameer after that.  Especially for me.  Seeing as I avoid anything that spins since I've developed severe motion sickness after the kids were born, that leaves little for me to enjoy at Waldameer.  I can count on one hand the rides that I can ride.  Not so at Kennywood.  In fact, there were rides I can ride that we didn't even have time to get to on Friday.  It was an awesome day and one we definitely plan to repeat.

Our plan to intentionally be unintentional this summer worked out well.  I didn't make a big list of things we could do or wanted to do.  I didn't buy the Summer Movie Clubhouse passes.  We left all of their lessons scheduled for the evening hours - except piano at the request of their teacher.  We only knew we'd do golf on Mondays and had our day trips planned, penciled in and scheduled as vacation for Matt.  It was still a busy summer but left our days unhurried.  Unlike past years, I didn't feel like we spent everyday running somewhere.  The boys went on plenty of bike rides, would go over to friends' houses, ask friends over, play tennis in the street and there was lots and lots of baseball.  If anything, baseball temporarily took over our summer.  It was fun watching both boys play on tournament teams.  But when the last games were played we were all relieved.

Since the end of July, whenever the boys were with their grandparents I took time to run into school for a few hours.  When I reported yesterday for the first inservice day, my little corner of the literacy room was set up and decorated, my files were in place, the Homeworkopoly board I made was laminated and hung, I even made and hung some simple classroom decorations in the windows and door.  Most importantly, the two systems we are using this year were unpacked, labeled, ordered and filed.  It totaled almost 200 lessons to be organized, so it was no small task.  It was a good thing, since the work the team did to photocopy the lesson books for our new literacy system for each of us was lost or destroyed over the summer.  Recopying a master copy was started last week by a couple of the other aides, I spent about 5 hours yesterday in front of the copier finishing the job.  Today I went in for half the day and spent most of that in meetings then arguing with the computers in the work room.  None of them wanted to work.  One wouldn't start.  The other kept starting, updating, shutting down and restarting.  The third was the biggest pain of all.  It printed off a couple things for me, then suddenly decided it didn't want to work anymore.  It just kept spinning and spinning.  Matt was home holding down the fort both days - very successfully.  Maybe too successfully as last night he announced he'd like me to be his sugar mama and he can be the stay-at-home dad.

That's a long way of saying - my summer vacation ended Sunday night.  Tonight is the boys' last night.  There will likely be tears.  Until we tease about Alivia.  There will likely be huffing and puffing.  Until we remind about Elly.  The morning will likely be a mess of hurrying out the door to catch the bus....the first time for Josh.  Then I'll have a few hours to do the chores and prep dinner before I report to work.  We will fall in the door at 3:45 in a tired heap - me, my third grader and my sixth grader - having started a new school year and regrettably ended a great summer vacation.

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