Friday, March 18, 2016

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

1.  There have been holidays and birthdays, normal days and crazy days.  But I just never made the time to document them.  Sometimes it's easy to sit down to do, other times it just seems to hard to put into words or just not enough time to write it all out.
Christmas came and went in it's usual festive blur.  It was a good holiday and we love the opportunity to host.  Santa fulfilled the boys' wishes for a new bike (Josh) and a real rc vehicle (Matthew).  The family received a Wii U and Santa even brought Yoshi's Wooly World, which resulted in much squeeing (me) and a new absolute favorite game.  This made up for the fact, more than, that Santa always forgets my stocking and had to pull some yarn from my own stash to stick in it to cover his tracks.
Matt is 12 now and is oh heck, up to my neck.....Oh dread, he's up to my ....
I turned 37.  It's weird.
2.  My side of the family never disappoints in the drama department.  It looks like my mother will finally get the health care that she needs, whether she likes it or not.  But causing everyone no shortage of chaos, stress and anxiety in the process.  Mimi had yet another fender bender, which after months of anticipation resulted in her license finally and physically be revoked.  "I'll do what I damn well please" lasted several weeks.  Upon the instructions of the state police, someone disabled her car.  Now I'm in the dog house.  But we seem to be no closer to resolution than we were before, "I'll do what I damn well please!"  Although it's a little bit like ground hog day.  She gets up, tries to go out, the car won't start and she remembers somehow I had something to do with it.  Yet again, the perfect apartment is available at Regency and I will try to talk to her about it on Saturday when I take her to her weekly hair appointment and grocery shopping....if she doesn't turn her hearing aid off on me.
It's funny how everything ends up being my fault.
3.  We started a weekly tradition of family game night on Fridays.  We only took a break last week out of sheer exhaustion.  We'll see what we can muster this week with a full Friday night and tickets for tomorrow to see Labyrinth.
4.  I'm an aunt again!  This news is thrilling and wonderful and means that both Faith and Moses get an overnight or two at our house this summer.  I'm so glad it's in the summer.
5.  Josh makes his First Holy Eucharist in April.  Party planning is in process.  I love throwing a good party for the boys.  Even if we won't have the crown molding up yet.
6.  Work is ok.  Different this year.  But it's a job.  I'll be doing full days 4 times a week until the end of the school year.  Extra money.  Dave Ramsey would be pleased.  We're knocking out the last of baby step 2 and it feels great.
7.  I'm reading Sherlock Holmes.  Short stories, less intensity than other things right now.  But I always picture Jeremy Brett as Holmes.